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This is for the serious folks. Couple years ago I was building another company got extremely over weight. Picture to the left I was 242 pounds, unhealthy, suffered shortness of breath, sleep apnea and ended up in hospital ER due to heart attack symptoms. I immediately sought out ways to lose weight and a friend of mine told me about this tea. Now let me say this, BEFORE I became a rep for Total Life Changes, I was an customer for close to 3 years. Check out the benefits of this tea. It's an preventative that helps fight against things that are harmful to our bodies.

total life changes iaso tea

These products changed my life and helped me reclaim my health. Now I'm down to 215 and feel better and look better than ever. Previous symptoms all gone. I'm not making any medical claims, I'm just sharing what these products have done for me and why I'm so passionate about Total Life Changes. Don't wait until something drastic happen like I did before you start taking your health seriously. Take the appropriate action steps today.

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