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Sat, Oct 29, 2011

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Here’s Why You Should By LeadNetPro Today!


leadnet proLeadnet Pro Overview

Leadnet Pro is fantastic lead generation software that was designed by somebody in the industry who was tired of using non-comprehensive and ineffective lead generation products. Dan Miller, a well known Internet Marketer, started developing a more effective alternative that eventually became a web based, simple interface piece of software that included voice and mail as built-in bonus features.

Leadnet Pro Features

Leadnet Pro is hosted on a web server, so you don’t have to install any software. Because of the fact that the software is hosted on a server, it can be used with any of your computers without having the hassle of installing it, it doesn’t matter if you have different operating systems on your pc, or if you own a mac.

The interface is simple due to the fact that there are just a few simple boxes and check lists you have to fill out to get started. Leadnet pro does not have a bunch of hidden settings that must be configured for optimization, it comes pre-configured. The software has a check list for YellowBook, Merchcircle, Google, Yahoo, Craigslist and Backpage as well as a keyword field that you must fill in.

It works! After you fill out the keyword field and check the search engines/directories you wish to search, a list of leads are generated. The list of leads is instantly generated and continues to grow into the thousands in most cases. The product truly delivers.

The generated leads are relevant. My sales has grown by 33% since we started using Leadnet Pro. I’m familiar with other software as well and NOTHING works this well!

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Leadnet Pro Support

Customer service is quick and efficient; very helpful and to the point. Generally, there is not much need for assistance due to the fact that it is very easy to use software. I have only contacted them once.

Leadnet Pro Bonuses:
Leadnet Pro divides e-mails and phone numbers into different excel files for convenience. I’ve never seen a lead generating software do this before.

The web software has a built-in button entitled, ‘mailer’ that will start marketing for you immediately. No need to wait around. Also, Leadnet Pro has a voice feature which makes it cutting edge technology.

leadnet proLeadnet Pro Competitors.

There are no true competitors, because no other software generates as many relevant leads.

Other lead generation software generally are slow to find leads. Also, the leads are usually not relevant. Due to the fact that competitor’s product creates irrelevant leads at a very slow rate, it turns into a huge waste of time that actually may end up costing the user money.

Competitors interfaces are not as well thought out and are more complex than Leadnet Pro interface. Competitors generally have redundant buttons and often require too much unnecessary configuration.

Competitors leads tend to be generated in a poorly organized fashion, sometimes redundant list that can’t be easily imported into excel.

The Bottom Line:

The Leadnet Pro software will save you time by generating a massive number of relevant leads, in an easy to use interface that can be utilized from any computer + internet connection in the world. The leads are extracted from the interface easily and imported into a database even easier, creating a fully functional money maker.

Click Here to Sign Up For LeadNetPro Now

To your success,

leadnet pro



Leadnet Pro Rocks!


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