Is Vidacup International The Next Organo Gold?

Thu, Nov 15, 2012

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Vidacup International Review

Vidacup International has opened the door for new members to sell its nutraceutical coffees. Gourmet coffees have been around a while. So have nutraceuticals – foods with claimed health benefits. Gourmet nutraceutical coffees are much newer. The field was pioneered by the Organo Gold Company. They may have stolen the march, but there is a new company in town with a new nutraceutical. Vidacup International is set to take on the ‘old guard’ and become new king of nutraceutical coffees.

The central purpose of Vidacup International is to improve the world by providing quality beverages fortified with nutritional supplements. The main supplement is an extract of a mushroom from the Brazilian Rain Forest, the H1X1 Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom. The H1X1 mushroom has been shown to have immune boosting properties and Vidacup International has an exclusive right to distribute an extract of the H1X1 mushroom. They are fortifying coffees with the extract to provide the health enhancing effects of the mushroom in a form that is already widely accepted.

Vidacup International Is A Golden Opportunity

Vidacup International is looking for representatives to promote and sell their products. They are using the same business model as a lot of other nutraceutical companies – multi-level marketing. The multi-level model has proven successful for a number of companies in a number of industries. The beauty of it is that the agents are rewarded for their hard work. The more effort put into promoting Vidacup and recruiting new members the more earnings and the more opportunities for rewards. Because the company is just starting up the sky truly is the limit for people who sign up now.

Vidacup International currently sells three products. Two of them are coffees and one is an energy drink. All three contain the H1X1 extract that is the core of the Vidacup International business. The three products are:

vidacup international

Ageless Brew: A latte combining coffee, H1X1 extract and a variety of antioxidant rich extracts that help reduce the effects of aging.

Xtreme: A low calorie energy drink containing juices from a large selection of fruits and berries known for their anti-oxidant properties plus H1X1 extract. The high energy beverage tastes great and is only 30 calories!

Mo-Joe: Arabica coffee and H1X1 extract plus several herbs known for their ability to provide alertness and mental clarity and energy.

These are strong initial offerings for a company breaking into the nutraceutical beverage business. Vidacup International is on their way with excellent products and a business model that has worked well in the past. Please leave your comments and thoughts below.


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Vidacup International

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