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Thu, Apr 12, 2012

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david woodDavid Wood’s Marketing Strategies

There are new internet marketing strategies available. It’s perfect for the seasoned pro or someone who is interested in this area. Whether you are looking for ways to market or obtain MLM success online while learning to gain leads these internet marketing strategies are remarkable. You may have heard of David Wood as the man behind these strategies. Months ago I had the pleasure of working with him.

Since David Wood was a boy he was influenced by the industry of network marketing. His father was a Judge in the Superior Court system who worked with Amway. He wasn’t very successful but taught David the lesson of dedication. He recalled many memories of sitting in his dads car listening to his dads work tapes.

As a child David Wood had difficulty understanding school and could not see the point to it. There were times his dad said to him, “It’s not that I don’t love you but of our entire family you are the dumbest. I’m concerned about your life and what you’re going to do with it.” Dave asked his dad if you could make tons of money without obtaining a college degree. The only answer his dad had for him was to take his son to an Amway meeting.


After attending one meeting David Wood realized that you could make money with Amway. He did not fare well at first, he frequented malls and developed conversations with people. His failed at sponsoring people and weekly presentations. After a couple of years he quit and tried different companies and found one he liked.

David Wood a Homeless Van man to an Internet Rockstar

David Wood and his success was his ability to change the way he was attacking things. He became an industry leader and his organization grew quickly and became a success so he decided to vacation. Him and his wife drove to Hawaii and lived in their van for a year which brought his finances down to $35. He was down on his luck and matters became worse when a police officer woke him with a $35 ticket for sleeping in a public place in his car.

Here Dave’s story below…..

David Wood wanted to focus and invest all of his energy into making a successful business. The problem was that you needed money to market online so he had to think of a new way. He developed some innovative methods for making it work. These methods applied perfectly to article marketing and it consumed him with a caffeine fueled energy that coursed through his veins.


David Wood Paved The Way For Newbies

Less than three months later David Wood was everywhere on the internet. In five days he had made $25,000. Today he is making $100,000 monthly and has become the #1 recruiter in his company and in the marketing community. This is an inspiring story for anyone. David Wood dedicated his energy and hours for his dreamed of lifestyle. He accomplished this with simple strategies unknown only to those that have worked close with him and the internet’s power.

How would you like to create your own success story?  Learn more about how you can work with David Wood and I now on our new project.


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David Wood Review

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